My Experience With Having A Rat Trapped

When I moved into my new house, I soon started to notice signs of a rat living in the basement. This included such things as chewed food in our pantry, rat droppings in the corner, and I could hear the rat moving around at night. I wanted the rat removed, but I did not want to have it killed. This lead to me hiring a professional that was able to humanely trap the rat.


The exterminator took a look around my basement, and decided that the best place to put the trap was in the doorway into my pantry. The cage was about a foot high, and was very not very noticeable. They were able to bait the trap with a combination of pheromones and peanut butter. This live trap was able to catch the rat within three days. As soon as I noticed that the rat was trapped, I called the number on the car the exterminator gave me. They showed up inside of a few hours, and took the rat away to have it humanely disposed of.