Two Methods Of Humane Rat Removal

Having rats in a building is a very frightening experience, and it presents residents with the serious risk of disease. This means that residents are definitely going to want to get rid of the rats, but they may also want to have the Chicago rat removal and Chicago skunk removal done in a humane way. There are a couple of ways to humanely get rid of rats including having the rats trapped and removed, and by using chemicals that are able to deter the rats.


The first way of getting rid of rats is to have them trapped and removed. A professional is able to identify where the rats are living in a house, what paths they take, and where they go for food. This will allow a professional to identify the best place to put a trap. These traps are wire cages that can catch a rat without hurting it. It is possible to place many small traps that are very good for catching mice and small rats. It is also possible to use larger cages that are able to catch large rats. The number of placement of the cages depends on the size of the infestation. Most rat problems are caused by a single rat that has taken up residence in a home. This will require the use of only one cage.

These cages are very effective at catching rats, and it usually only takes a few weeks to catch a rat. Once the rat has been caught, the professional is able to take the rat away. They may release the rat into the wild, or they can simply keep take care of the rat if it is illegal to release the rat. It is also possible to have the rat put down. This method of disposing of rats is much more humane that lethal methods of rat removal, and the rat will feel no pain while it is being put down.


The second method of removing rats involves using chemicals that are able to deter the rats. These chemicals may mimic the pheromones put off by cats, or may simply smell bad to the rats. There are even bad tasting chemicals that will prevent the rats from chewing through walls in order to get into the house. The major advantage of using these chemicals is that they can cause the rats that are already in a house to move out. They are also able to prevent more rats from moving in. This is important as the removal of an individual rat through trapping or lethal means usually results in empty territory that new rats can move into.